Top 5 Methods to Get Travel Backlinks in 2021

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Top 5 Methods to Get Travel Backlinks in 2021


Travel industry is one of the biggest online. Thousands of travel agencies, travel websites and blogs fight for one thing: to be on the top positions of search engines and get the targeted traffic that will lead in potential customers.

But, to get there is not the easiest task in the world. Your website needs to have quality content, nice design, and provide great user experience.

Yet, this is just the base. It also needs to be properly optimized based on SEO requirements.

Here, backlinks play a crucial role. Getting relevant, high quality links has become one of the hardest tasks, yet possible.

So, let’s go through some of the main ways to earn links as a travel company.


1. Visual Content

A great example of visual content for travel agencies can be creative maps, infographics, or other visuals.

You need to design the visuals, having the right target audience in mind. It requires a brainstorming to find the best creative ideas for visuals that travel bloggers will like to share with their audience.

Also, keep in mind that you don’t need to focus on only your service. The visuals need to focus on informational, statistical, interactive content and don’t look too self-serving.

Here, the winning way is to find linkable markets open to sharing third-party content, or if you are targeting high-end travel magazines, create premium visual content campaigns that will stand out against the deluge of mediocracy.

2. Surveys & Unique Data

Surveys can be a great way to get backlinks. Also, with this method you need to get creative and provide something unique.

However, surveys can be more effective than visual content, as they provide original data instead of just summarizing old data in a new design.

Surveys can work better if you contact journalists and the national press and present new, original information. Journalists will most probably accept the data and share it.

3. Guest Posts

As travel is quite competitive industry, it’s really hard to place guest posts in this industry. 

When you consider guest posting, the first thing to do is to find travel blogs. Most of the time, bloggers will ask for money to place a guest post, regardless of the traffic of the blog.

But, wait .. You can also consider other industries’ blogs that can somehow be relevant to your article.

Business, tech, productivity, parenting, and health blogs tend to be much more receptive to your contribution of free content than travel blogs.

For example, you can write about the latest technologies used in the travel industry, use different data, etc. and outreach tech blogs.

4. Press Trips

Press trips are really unique to the travel sector. This is then a travel company connects with a travel journalist and offers him a free trip in exchange for expected coverage. It’s also a great way to get coverage.

Sure, this may be quite an expensive way for a travel company to get backlinks. Besides, it may require a lot of effort to secure a top trip, with all the accommodations for the journalist.

Yet, here the effort may hugely depend on who the journalist is. If it’s a writer for The New York Times, go for it, as that will pay dividends for years.

5. Mentions Club

After discussing familiar and less-familiar methods of getting backlinks for travel agencies, let’s discuss Mentions Club, an effective way to get relevant backlinks.

First of all, Mentions Club is an indirect backlink exchange platform that allows website owners, bloggers, SEO specialists, and anyone who is looking for quality backlinks to register their websites in the platform, receive and provide backlinks to each other.

In the platform, all the websites are categorized by niche and language, and travel agencies can get relevant backlinks from travel blogs. Besides, only real websites are allowed to be registered on the platform, so you get only real backlinks.

Go with the link to learn more about this innovative backlink building platform.


To conclude, because of the high huge number of websites and blogs and the competition in this sphere, it’s quite hard to get relevant backlinks. The traditional methods may be a high amount of time and money consuming.

So, it’s wise to consider using new ways to get backlinks, and in case of need, mix them with the traditional methods.


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