The Only Link Building Strategy that You Need in 2021 and Beyond (Until Google Changes Its Topical Relevancy Algorithm)

Link Building Strategy

The Only Link Building Strategy that You Need in 2021 and Beyond (Until Google Changes Its Topical Relevancy Algorithm)


This title may seem quite strange or salesy but the truth is that we all know (website owners or SEO pros) that without link building getting indexed keywords and traffic is not the easiest thing in the world.

But when it comes to ranking on Google, I mean ranking on the first page, you need more than the standard links you can find everywhere on the internet. Today, Google has made things more complicated than before.

Today in order to rank on Google, you need relevant content with its supporting and informational content surrounding the target page to attract Google’s attention. But you also need backlinks that support that article. And as said above not all links will rank that piece of content.

Here is what you need: Relevant or topic related backlinks to rank your target page.

Now, if you are like me, then most probably have been frustrated with the difficulty of finding and receiving a backlink from the same niche because it’s quite impossible for 2 reasons:

  1. They consider you as a competitor, therefore you can forget about receiving anything from them.
  2. They ask an insane amount of money for just 1 link which most of the time isn’t worth at all.

That’s why we have created Mentions Club where like minded people from the same niche provide each other indirect backlinks.

So, what exactly is Mentions Club?

In one sentence, Mentions Club is an indirect backlink exchange platform. This is a platform where you, me and anyone else can register websites and get backlinks.

This platform is designed with YOU in mind.

Over 5 million people have a decent website targeting real customers just in the English language alone. Most of them would prefer to exchange backlinks indirectly (based on our surveys) and get relevant backlinks instead of buying spam or low quality backlinks that may end up being penalized or providing zero SEO value.

This has become a foundation to create the first ever indirect backlink exchange platform.

So, let’s see how the platform works.


Here is How Mentions Club Work

Let’s say you have a travel website. You can register and verify it on the platform with a html tag in the header of the site. 

After that, you need to specify its category (in your case travel) and language (English). Then you need to add your target URL (the page link where you want backlinks to come) and target keywords as well, a short description of your target page and you are ready to receive backlinks as well as to provide them to the community.

TIP: Remember that the more accurate and complete information you provide the more is the chance that other MC members like your website and provide you a backlink.

A key feature is the MC Score which is based on your website metrics such as DA, DR, traffic, referring domains, etc. after you register your website.

The higher the MC Score, the higher quality the website has.

After the registration, you will find a place where you can find and select websites that you like and want to provide a backlink.

These websites are categorized by niche and language.

So, when it comes to getting potential and relevant backlinks, Mentions Club is the right strategy.

This is how MC secures that the members get RELEVANT backlinks.

By the way, as you add target keywords for each of your target URLs, you get links with your desired anchor texts. In case you don’t like the received backlinks’ anchor texts, you can always ask the Provider to change it or reject it.

Important note: Only REAL websites are allowed to be registered on Mentions Club.


How can Mentions Club Help You? It’s Benefits

After understanding the working process of the platform, now let’s speak a bit about how this can benefit you and help you solve problems regarding link building and SEO overall.



With MC you are sure that you get backlinks from REAL websites, no spam, no web2.0. Besides, if you don’t like the link, you can always ask the link Provider to make changes, or you can just reject it.


With MC you get RELEVANT backlinks. We have already mentioned that on MC all the websites are categorized by their niche, also by their types (blog, news, etc.).

This allows MC members to find websites in their niche and provide relevant backlinks.


You DON’T ask for a backlink. Here, all the members provide backlinks to each other by their choice and not because someone asks them or they are paid for it.

In other words, you get a link because someone likes your website.


NO issues regarding link exchange. Indirect linking is the KEY.

This means that member A gives a link to member B, member B to member C, and member C to member A and so on.

As a result, there is no direct exchange, therefore it’s seen as a natural link for 2 reasons.

First, because does not directly exchanged and second, because it՛s a niche related backlink. 


All the backlinks that you get on MC are do-follow and permanent links.

As long as you are an MC member, all your received and provided backlinks will continuously be checked by our crawlers to check the activeness of the link. If we find that a provided link is deleted or changed without your permission, the link Provider will be warned. In case of repeated cases, he can be banned from using the platform. 


Are you ready to register your website in Mentions Club for free and start getting links that move the needle of your rankings?



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