7 Questions for Your Target Audience Analysis to Make Your Link Building Efforts More Effective

Target Audience Analysis

7 Questions for Your Target Audience Analysis to Make Your Link Building Efforts More Effective


When you start a marketing campaign, it’s a key point to understand your niche. It’s important for SEO as well and will make link building more effective. If you really understand your niche, you can find the most relevant websites to reach out to.

To figure out your niche, you can ask the following 7 questions.

1. What’s My Target Demographic?

Different analytical tools such as Google Analytics, etc. provide you information about website visitors, where they are from, the gender, which kind of device they use, age, etc.

Keep in mind that the more you learn about your demographic, the better prepared you are to get better backlinks.

2. Which Social Media Platforms does My Target Audience Use?

Here are some key statistics by Pew Research:

  • 69% of adults in the U.S. use Facebook.
  • 28% use Pinterest.
  • 37% use Instagram.
  • 27% use LinkedIn.
  • 22% use Twitter.
  • 24% use Snapchat.
  • 73% use YouTube.
  • 20% use WhatsApp.
  • 11% use Reddit.

More stats to narrow it down:

  • 79% of 18-29 year olds use Facebook, 67% use Instagram, and only 28% use LinkedIn,
  • 46% of people 65 and older use Facebook, and only 8% of them use Instagram.

3. What are the Main Terms/Keywords I Want My Website to Rank For?

Before starting implementing any SEO strategy, it’s crucial to do keyword research and figure out which terms you want your website to rank for. This will also depend on your final target (more traffic – informational keywords, more sales – CTA keywords, etc.).

4. What are the Best Content Pieces in My Website?

When we say best, we don’t mean the most popular. You can make a list of what you think are your best pages and check the analytics data to get the current popular pages.

5. What to Provide to My Audience?

To figure out what to provide to your audience, you can consider its other interests.

For instance, do you have the lowest prices, fastest shipping & cheapest shipping fees, daily emailed deals on baby products, or any other benefit?

6. What Techniques should I Avoid?

Here, you need to figure out which link building tactics may work for your website.

This is kind of the old black hat vs white hat debate, merging with the legal vs illegal tactics. Generally, different types of sites and businesses require different approaches and it’s figuring out which approaches are the most and least likely to work in link building for your website. 

7. What are Your Industry Competitors Doing?

Here, you can consider both online and offline competitors. Check out which sites are ranking the positions you want your website to rank for, analyze them, their backlinks, top pages, etc..

Competitive analysis is the best way to understand where you currently stand in relation to your competitors.

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To conclude, when you really understand your target audience, your link building efforts will be more effective, as you will easily find the relevant websites and reach out to them, and avoid irrelevant websites, saving time and effort.


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