4 Proven Link Building Tactics for Small Businesses + Bonus

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4 Proven Link Building Tactics for Small Businesses + Bonus


When it comes to link building, no matter if you are a based business, a startup just taking your first steps in the digital marketing sphere, or a small business with limited resources and time, it may not be considered as an easy task for you.

Today, let’s discuss 5 proven link building tactics that will allow your small business to get backlinks.


  1. Support Charitable Organizations

Supporting a charitable organization can bring backlinks to your website. Check out for organizations that you can sponsor in your city, if they host fundraising events.

Besides the traditional charity, you could also consider schools and for-profit events. Yet, with all this you shouldn’t forget about considering sponsorships that make sense for your brand. This could secure a backlink relevancy.

To go deeper, you may think about sponsoring something that your target customers actually care about. This will not only help to get relevant backlinks, but also targeted traffic and new potential customers.

Thus, when focusing on link building, also think about what else you want this serves for, such as more traffic and customers.

With this link building strategy, you need a financial investment, however, it requires less upfront effort than the other strategies.

In this case, you just need to find the organization, send them the money for the sponsorship tier, and you’ll get everything that’s included.


  1. Connect with Local and Niche Bloggers

Have you ever considered contacting the popular bloggers who cover your city or industry?

As they are expected to drive steady content for their readers, sometimes they may run out of ideas. Be the hero and give them the idea they are looking for.

Follow them on social media, subscribe to their blog, comment or reshare their content, building a genuine relationship.

In the meantime, pay attention to what they write about, and review where it might make sense for them to include you.

Here, the main thing is to share something really valuable for their readers. These bloggers are influential because their content helps their audience, and if you help them with this task, they will help you too.

Tip: As a small business, it’s better for you to go after smaller bloggers. These micro-influencers may not have the domain authority of popular bloggers, but their niche focus makes their backlinks highly relevant for your website.


  1. Guest Post for Industry-Relevant Websites

Guest posting is one of the most effective link building strategies and it takes real effort.

You have to find sites who accept guest writers, brainstorm and write a compelling topic, find the editor’s contact info, contact them.

With guest posting, you not only get backlinks, but also qualified traffic to your website when you land a guest post on a site your target audience frequents.

One more thing to remember, instead of going after the biggest websites, pitch articles to websites that are smaller, but relevant to your industry.

In case you have partner companies, consider pitching them a guest post as well.


  1. Reclaim Unlinked Mentions

This may probably be one of the easiest link building techniques, as brands are mentioned every day online.

You need to set up free Google Alerts for “[your brand name goes here]” and “[yourdomain.com]”, as well as the names of any prominent members of your leadership team.

Whenever a website mentions you without including a link, reach out.

The website already thought you were worth mentioning to its readers and it’s natural for it to include a link to your site, so its readers can learn more about you.

Tip: Review every mention before you reach out. If a website mentioned your business in a negative way, don’t ask for a link. Instead, use this to evaluate their feedback and how you may need to adapt your business, if at all.


Bonus: A Complete-Solution Link Building Platform that You Need Today

You may have already heard about the aforementioned 4 link building techniques.

The platform, to be more precise Mentions Club, we are going to cover is completely new. It’s designed having in mind all the link building issues and inconveniences that appear during this process. It may be considered as a complete-solution link building platform.

This means that here you do not need to ask for a backlink, or to pay astronomical fees for just 1 link, or risk getting spam links, etc.

The platform provides specific functions for small businesses such as yours, to get relevant high-quality backlinks in an easy and affordable way.

To keep it short, Mentions Club is a platform allowing you to register your website, categorize it by its niche and language, get your website ranked by the platform based on your site metrics, etc.

Mentions Club offers a free plan and paid ones, with a symbolic monthly fee, considering the amount you may spend on getting real backlinks.

For you, as a small business it’s a great opportunity to get relevant backlinks without any effort or asking for it. You save time, you save money, you get the highest quality links.

You can learn more about the platform and subscriptions here.


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