10 Working White Hat Link Building Techniques for a New Website 

White Hat Link Building Techniques

10 Working White Hat Link Building Techniques for a New Website 


If you have a new website and don’t know where to start from regarding the link building, then check out these white hat link building techniques.

Check these 10 simple ways to get backlinks for your website.

  1. Before you start the link building process, ensure that your website has quality content. You can check out what’s there on the highest positions of search engines and do it better or in a different way.

Or better, find a topic that no one has covered before. This type of content is always going to be a good idea.

Remember, that even if you may buy links to any content, yet, without interesting and relevant content for your target audience, you’re going to be behind before you even get started.

  1. Check out for 404 pages and audit your website’s external links. These will improve the user experience. You can use different tools such as Google Search Console, crawlers, etc. to check the internal and external links.

Also check out if all your target pages are indexable, as only these pages may appear on search engines.

  1. Look for a new and innovative way of link building, Mentions Club. This is an indirect backlink exchange platform, allowing anyone to get backlinks.

How does it work? Different people register their websites in the platform and start giving and receiving backlinks.

Here, you can get high-quality relevant backlinks, as only real websites are allowed to be registered, and they are categorized by niche.

You can learn more about how the platform works here.

  1. Use HARO (Help A Reporter Out). Here, journalists who are in search of sources to use in their articles ask for help and if you offer them what they need, you may get some really nice backlinks.
  2. Analyze your competitors’ backlinks, make a list and reach out to those websites. Make sure to find the most useful and relevant links that may really give some value and/or bring traffic.
  3. Interview interesting people on your website. Here, it will work better if you check out what kind of question the person you are going to interview has already answered, and ask him another type of questions to make the interview much more attractive.
  4. Use promotional merchandising. To get benefits online, you can also consider taking some actions offline.

You can use branded pens, cups, t-shirts, etc. anything that will remind of your brand offline. This way, you may get a new client, a link from a local blogger or you may be featured in the news.

  1. Try a proven link building strategy, guest posting. This is a useful strategy to get a relevant backlink with your desired anchor text. It may also bring traffic and potential new customers to your website.
  2. Share other websites’ interesting content, building relationships with your niche authorities. Even this may sound too hard, but it still may work and bring you great relevant links.
  3. Create accounts on social media networks and link to all of them from your website. Besides, below each article add social media sharing buttons to make it easy for anyone who likes your content to share it.


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